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Women urged to switch on to ICT careers

Women urged to kickstart their careers in information technology

Women's pay catching up - but not quickly enough

Much more needs to be done to tackle the gender pay gap.


Driving 'Miss Daisy' aims to inspire female bosses of tomorrow in South Wales

Daisy was on the road to get people talking about gender pay equality.......

Why Wales' traditional gender roles hold women back 

 Reports revealed that 91% of jobs in skilled trades are held by men......

Number of women in 'top jobs' in Wales falls 

no progress in getting more women into positions of power and influence.........

Gender pay gap in Wales revealed 
If we want to beat the widening pay gap we need to ensure women have access to careers traditionally dominated by men..........


80% of workplaces dominated by one gender, study finds 
Four out of five people in Wales work in an environment dominated by their own sex, with men far more likely to be in high-paid jobs, a study has found..........

 A University study published today uncovers the full extent of gender segregated working that still exists in Wales 

The Working Patterns in Wales report led by Dr Alison Parken, has uncovered that only a fifth of Welsh workers are in gender-balanced occupations.....

Feminist Organisations 
The gender pay gap will persist in Wales due to the continued gendering of occupations and the restricted working patterns available for women, according to Dr Alison Parken, Senior Research Fellow and Project Director for WAVE project ‘Women Adding Value to the Economy’ at Cardiff University.....



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The aim of the WAVE programme is to understand and ‘interrupt’ the ways in which gender pay inequalities are consistently reproduced through occupational segregation in employment and self employment, through the ways in which ‘women’s work is contracted’ and through the operation of pay systems.


The WAVE programme has now concluded after 3 successful years.  There are still loads of fantastic organisations that you can get involved with, take a look!


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