What our participants say

Why did you start the course? (UG Cert in Identifying a Business Idea and Market Assessment)?

“I’ve been out of work.  I’ve had what I call a “2 string career” because I’ve been in a career for 30 years and then worked in a different company for about 5 or 6 years.   I had to retire from that due to ill health…and moved to Wales. I was looking to get into doing my crafting...  So I found the course and thought this would be – I’d sort of been selling bits and pieces here and there I’ve always been doing that – a bit of this and a bit of that - but not as an actual business.  The self-employed status came from my previous job…”

What have you learnt from the course

 “…Well, what I learnt on the course is the importance of networking…it was emphasised over and over again how important (it is) to use social network . So I’m more aware of this, I’ve started putting aside more time for this task because as you know it’s very time consuming.  And a side topic that went through the course, the reflective writing and thinking module that was a valuable insight too.  I mean we all try to make decisions from our history and experiences but to see this presented in a more scientific way, it taught me to take my hunches, my instincts, my knowledge simply about myself and looking back at my life, the knowledge that comes from that -  to take all of this more seriously and make it a more conscious part of decision making. And to use myself as a resource rather than trying to talk to others or browse the internet for a solution just sit back and listen and think how did you deal with a similar situation before and what was the outcome.  That was quite valuable.”

"Completing the Wave Project short course ‘Identifying & Assessing Business Ideas’ allowed me to confirm that my idea would work, gave me insight into what needed to be considered, and what constraints I may find in completing a working business plan. It made me see and think of other opportunities I could take and introduced me to a network of like minded people. All the student were able to offer each other advice and help in there reaching our goal." 

Would you recommend a WAVE WISER course to another aspiring or current female entrepreneur?

“I would recommend the course because it was delivered in a lovely relaxed, supportive environment.  I don’t think people realised, the other students, realised how relaxed and supportive environment was. I don’t know if it was some of their first experience of higher education but it was delivered in a supportive, relaxed environment.  The lecturers were really supportive as well and I would recommend it. And they were entrepreneurs themselves, you know and you learnt a lot from them and they were quite inspiring in themselves.”

About Us

The aim of the WAVE programme is to understand and ‘interrupt’ the ways in which gender pay inequalities are consistently reproduced through occupational segregation in employment and self employment, through the ways in which ‘women’s work is contracted’ and through the operation of pay systems.


The WAVE programme has now concluded after 3 successful years.  There are still loads of fantastic organisations that you can get involved with, take a look!


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