Gender, Employment and Pay Network

Human resource managers are invited to join The Gender, Employment and Pay Network (GEPN) to share our learning as we develop the new model, and to discuss and debate research findings and recommendations.

To join, we will need to check your eligibility criteria by area, sector and size of organisation. If you are interested, please email with your name, organisation, address, number of employees and contact details. For more information on the GEPN seminar series, please click here . If you would like to join, complete an enquiry form here.

About Us

The aim of the WAVE programme is to understand and ‘interrupt’ the ways in which gender pay inequalities are consistently reproduced through occupational segregation in employment and self employment, through the ways in which ‘women’s work is contracted’ and through the operation of pay systems.


The WAVE programme has now concluded after 3 successful years.  There are still loads of fantastic organisations that you can get involved with, take a look!


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Women Adding Value to the Economy (WAVE)

Central Management Team
The University of South Wales
Faculty of Business, Law, Accounting, Humanities and Social Sciences

Treforest Campus
Pontypridd, Wales - UK
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