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Here you will find images which have been taken at the various seminars and events that WAVE has hosted over the course of the programme. The images marked with a ‘play’ sign are shorts videos which you can viewed via our YouTube account. All images and videos are listed in chronological order.

WIC Celebration event pictureThe Women's Workshop Celebration Event at The Vale resort - 4th June 2015

On the 4th of June we held our celebration event at The Vale resort. The event was a great success and it focused on the achievements of all the participants of the project.  Attendees had the opportunity  to hear from Julie James -  Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology and Adventurer/BAFTA winning Broadcaster  Lowri Morgan. All participants had a wonderful time and were able to share with everyone in the room their success stories and feedback on the positive impact that WAVE has had on their lives.


WAVE Final Dissemination Event at St David’s Hotel - 20th May 2015

The final dissemination event was held on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at the prestigious St David’s Hotel & Spa, Cardiff Bay.  We were delighted to be accompanied by our keynote speaker Jane Hutt AM Minister for Finance and Government Business. The event was very well attended and afforded delegates the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the WAVE programme and to meet a selection of our fantastic participants, learning how their interaction has helped shape their employment prospects and develop their businesses. 


Sparking Your Career - Opportunities in Sustainability, Energy and Environment for Women in Wales - 26th March 2015

WAVE Women in Construction network held an event in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust at The Village hotel, Swansea. Delegates heard from a wide range of experts as they shared their knowledge about how women can ‘Get in’, ‘Get on’ and ‘Get to the top’ in the Sustainability, Energy and Environment sector.  Women heard from successful leaders such as Milica Kitson, CEO Constructing Excellence in Wales, Sarah Harrison, Senior Partner at Ofgem, Helen Northmore, Director of the Chartered Institute of Housing and Rita Singh, Director of Policy at Sustain Wales.


WAVE WISER Networking Event on Social media at the University of South Wales - 23rd February 2015

On Monday 23rd February we ran a WISER Networking event at the Cables Venue, University of South Wales.  This  network focused on Social Media for Small Business Owners and was delivered by Miranda Bishop who runs her own social media agency; ‘Talking Social Media’.   We received numerous positive feedbacks following the events, many of which commented on how the session will make differences to how the attendees raise awareness of themselves and their business’s in future.


ESTNet Awards - 5th March  2015  

Wave programme staff and participants at the ESTnet Awards at Millennium Centre, Cardiff. We were there to promote and celebrate women adding value to the technical and digital economy.

This year the ESTnet Industry Role Model of the Year attracted an all-female list of finalists. It was a great night and a pleasure to see more women within these industries being represented 


WAVE WISER North Wales ‘Let’s Talk About...’ and network launch  21st November 2014

This event was held on 21st November 2014 in Llandudno North Wales at Venue Cymru. The aim of the event  was to engage with self employed women in the ‘Let’s Talk About...’ campaign and to launch the new WAVE WISER monthly network. This photograph gallery showcases photographs which include the WISER team, the six hashtags which feature in the ‘Let’s Talk About...’ campaign, Rebecca Jones ‘The Red Shoe Business Women’ and the wonderful views from the North Wales coast. 


WAVE WISER Marketplace at the University of South Wales Students' Union – 19th November 2014

This photograph gallery showcases the business women who attended the WAVE WISER Marketplace as part of the event to celebrate Women’s Enterprise Day as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. We were amazed at the wide diversity of businesses that attended and the marketplace was a fantastic opportunity to showcase their unique businesses. It was a very enjoyable day for everyone involved.


Women in ICT Network  19th November 2014

The event took place in The Tech Hub in Swansea on Wednesday 19th November. The guest speaker at the event was Victoria Bell from Bell IT Solutions. In 2013 Victoria was nominated for Best Female Business Newcomer at the Welsh Women Mean Business awards and in 2014, she was featured in PC Retail as one of 50 of the most influential women working within the IT industry today. The participants also had the opportunity to explore the Tech Hub space and hear about DVLA’s collaboration and new opportunities in the IT industry.


WAVE WISER Mid Term Seminar at the University of South Wales Students Union  19th November 2014

 The WAVE WISER Mid Term Seminar was held on the same day at the same venue as the WAVE WISER Marketplace. This photograph gallery showcases the delegates of the seminar and a selection academic posters which were created by our PG Dip student and were displayed on the day.



WAVE Women in Leadership Conference at Cardiff University  12th November 2014

The WAVE teams based at Cardiff University and the Women’s Workshop Project at BAWSO Ltd held their Mid Term Conference at Cardiff University on the 12th November 2014. The photographs contained in the gallery showcase the delegates who attended and Dame Rosemary Butler AM, Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales, Dr Mandy Kidd (Cardiff University, WAVE), Dr Alison Parken (Cardiff University, WAVE), Prof. Michelle Ryan (University of Exeter), Jane Butcher (The Women’s Workshop at BAWSO Ltd, WAVE), Joy Kent (Chwarae Teg), Dr Johanne Grosvold (University of Bath).


WAVE WISER Let’s Talk About... Campervan South Wales  WC 20th October 2014

This was the first leg (South Wales) of the Let’s Talk About... campaign to engage with the general public of South Wales in order to obtain public opinion on the gender pay gap in Wales.  This innovative approach was very successful in engaging with a wide variety of individuals and helped raise the profile of WAVE. 



WAVE WISER Swansea & West Wales Network Launch at Marriott Hotel Swansea – 23rd October 2014

This photograph gallery showcases the delegates who attended the launch of WAVE WISER Swansea & West Wales Networking Event on 23rd October 2014. Photographs also include members of the WAVE WISER team, Christine Atkinson (University of South Wales, WAVE), Jess Mahoney (University of South Wales, WAVE), Lisa Vranch (University of South Wales, WAVE), Claire Wright (University of South Wales, WAVE). 


WAVE WISER BME Networking Event at Ethnic Youth Support Team Swansea – 19th October 2014

This event was specifically held for BME women business owners and offered them the opportunity to network in a female oriented environment and to expand their contact base within their local community. The photographs include the participants and the guest speakers for the event.



Women in ICT & Construction  17th September 2014

The September 2014 event was held in North Wales and was great opportunity for our new mentors to participate in a network event and meet our women working in Technology and Construction industries. Particularly interesting was to hear Karen Roberts’ journey from working in an admin role to become the Chair of Wales Region of Chartered Association of Building Engineers. This was our first joint event for both women in ICT and Construction.


Women in ICT Network Event  30th July 2014

This gallery showcases the first ICT network event that we held in July 2014 in Swansea. The event had a great turnout and the speed networking session worked very well and created a real buzz. The panel of Mentors was also very useful and it was clear that the participants felt that a Women only ICT network would be very beneficial to them. We were very pleased about the amount of women that turned out and the really positive feedback we have received. We set up a Linkedin group to support communication within the network 


WAVE WISER & IOEE Mentoring Event at Swansea Waterfront Museum  22nd July 2014

This event was arranged in conjunction with the IOEE, their first ever event based in Wales. This was a very successful event where delegates paired up in Mentor/Mentee roles and used the advice from the event to demonstrate the mutual benefits that mentoring can offer women in business. This photograph gallery consists of delegates, speakers and guest presenters.



WAVE WISER ‘Let’s Talk About...’ & Rhondda Entrepreneurial Women’s Network Launch at Park & Dare, Treorchy  10th June 2014

This event was organised in conjunction with the Rhondda Entrepreneurial Women’s Network, with assistance from Maggie Corkhill and Melissa Warren. The event took place on the 10th June 2014 and brought together women business owners from the local community who were invited to join ‘Let’s Talk About...’ and listen to a talk by guest speaker Rebecca Jones (The Red Shoes Business Women).  



 Women in Construction  22nd May 2014

This event was held in May 2014 in Bridgend College in Partnership with their construction department. The aim of this event was to bring together the WAVE network for women in Construction and the female students at the campus, and gave opportunities to explore barriers to education and training for women pursuing a career in manual trades. We were also lucky to have Hattie Hassan from Stopcocks Women Plumbers attending and talking to our members about the issues and successes of creating a Women Plumbers network. http://www.stopcocks.uk/


WAVE Launch of ‘Let’s Talk About...’ at Swansea Waterfront Museum – 5th March 2014

The launch of ‘Let’s Talk About...’ took place on 5th March at Swansea Waterfront Museum, hosted by well know broadcaster Mai Davies. This photograph gallery showcases a wide range of images and includes guest speakers, project managers from the 3 different delivery strands of the programme and delegates who attended. There are also photographs of our GIANT coins which were used in the press photos which illustrate the gender pay gap in Wales. 



 Video Gallery


WAVE Strategic ICT Leadership Initiative- Nicola Williams





WAVE Strategic ICT Leadership Initiative- Cath Padfield and Rae Davies





WAVE Strategic ICT Leadership Initiative- Louise Lloyd





WAVE Strategic ICT Leadership Initiative- Fiona Aldred





WAVE Strategic ICT Leadership Initiative- Bethan Roberts





Women in Business Awards, Marriott Hotel, Swansea 3rd October 2014






WAVE WISER Marketplace at the University of South Wales Students' Union  19th November 2014





WAVE WISER Mid Term Seminar at the University of South Wales Students Union – 19th November 2014




WISER Journey – 20th – 24th October 2014





Dr Alison Parken  22nd September 2014 



Dr Sin Yi Cheung  22nd September 2014 




Media Launch School Girl Video  22nd September 2014 




Big Bite Festival – 1st – 3rd August 2014




Skills Cymru Presentaion – 22nd and 23rd of October 2014 




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