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Most men and women in Wales work in very different jobs and their earnings vary according to the job that they do, and whether or not they work full or part time. Find average earnings for the work that you do on the Equal Pay Barometer,  or what you could earn if you worked in a less gender stereotypical job by looking up the different jobs that men and women do. See our example Demo page. 

Here you can:

  • Look up average earnings for jobs in Wales
  • Compare what men and women earn
  • See how jobs are gender segregated or gender balanced and what you'd earn in a job usually undertaken by either men or women
  • Compare how earnings differ when working full time or part time

Many people think earnings are much higher than they actually are. In Wales, the average person earns £19,589 per year. This figure is for all workers, so all men and all women whether they work full or part time.

Men’s annual average earnings are £22,921 but women’s are only £16,412. This is because so many women work part time and this work is concentrated in low paying jobs.

This simple barometer, based on a labour market survey in Wales will show you the jobs that men and women do in employment and self employment whether full or part time, and how much they get paid for it[1].

How it works:

Just enter a job title in the search box above and click the search symbol. The barometer will show you average pay and the proportion of men and women working full or part time. Choose between hourly or annual pay. To try it, click the Demo button on the left of this page.

Surveys in Wales are quite small so it is not always possible to show each individual job. Where there is no data or the sample is too small, your search will return information on the job group to which the job title belongs. Similarly, some jobs are so gender segregated or the sample so small that it isn't possible to show a gender breakdown or pay comparison. Where this is the case, the barometer will say that insufficient data is available.

[1] Source ONS: APS 2004-2010. Hourly, weekly and annual pay is given as gross median. Pay data is for employees only (not self employed). Click here to see full report, sources and data behind this barometer. Pay data updated to Consumer Price Index 2012.
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The aim of the WAVE programme is to understand and ‘interrupt’ the ways in which gender pay inequalities are consistently reproduced through occupational segregation in employment and self employment, through the ways in which ‘women’s work is contracted’ and through the operation of pay systems.


The WAVE programme has now concluded after 3 successful years.  There are still loads of fantastic organisations that you can get involved with, take a look!


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