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What the Cardiff University WAVE Team can do for employers

Employers recognise that disparities can creep into pay systems and the resulting detrimental impact on productivity and loyalty.

However, employers often don’t know how to investigate gender pay disparities. This is not the same as undertaking an equal pay audit.

As the occupational mapping shows, direct comparators are hard to find when so few men and women work in exactly the same jobs, even in the same workplace.

Gender pay disparities can result from the various forms of occupational segregation, or clustering by gender, in the labour market and be reproduced, and reinforced within organisations.

Cardiff University is researching and testing equitable ways to organise work with a small group of employers. The resulting work will produce a model we can share with other employers.

For our case study employers we are collecting and analysing data on the gendering of occupations, jobs and contract types and demonstrating any resulting gender pay disparities. On the basis of these research findings, we are working with them to begin making changes. The first stage is to collect, collate and analyse workforce and pay data for men and women by the combination of:

  • Occupation
  • Job
  • Grade (Where grading system in place)
  • Pay
  • Contract type (including permanent and fixed term contracts)
  • Working pattern (including full time, part time and other flexible working patterns)

Join Us: Follow the learning journey

There is an opportunity for five employers to become involved in in-depth case studies. Strict ethical, confidentiality and data handling protocols underpin this research. If you are an employer of more than 100 employees based in the convergence area, and would like to know more about becoming a case study organisation, contact us.


About Us

The aim of the WAVE programme is to understand and ‘interrupt’ the ways in which gender pay inequalities are consistently reproduced through occupational segregation in employment and self employment, through the ways in which ‘women’s work is contracted’ and through the operation of pay systems.


The WAVE programme has now concluded after 3 successful years.  There are still loads of fantastic organisations that you can get involved with, take a look!


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